Research Team: Philosophy in Design




Design is a creation process with purpose, and it can be applied to all sorts of different areas and industries since the ancient times. While in the long period of human civilization, design is only hidden behind different professions and disciplines with a form of perceptual knowledge through the way of teacher and pupil inheritance. Design became a real sense of the discipline in the early 20th century, when a group of researchers, such as Bauhaus found the philosophy behind the commonness of many creation activities including object, methods and evaluation standards. The conception and extension of design is developing with the change of economic, technological and social situation. The philosophy noumenon, methodology and sense of worth for design are the focus of our team, and the members from different disciplines are grouped to analysis the concept from different point of views, such as the interaction design, service design, social renovation and education aspects. Our teams also hope to take this platform and counterparts at home and abroad, through the study in philosophy level, to explore new design subject system.

  1. Design Thinking

  2. Methods in Design

  3. New Aesthetics

  4. Design Education