Research Groups:Study on regional heritage of visual culture

  • 主要研究:



The research focus on the heritage of visual culture around Taihu lake area in systematic way. On the one hand, in order to have comprehensive cognitive and understanding for traditional creation the field of research put emphasis on the form of visual features and style; On the other hand, on behalf of creation activities in specific ways it focus on the living culture such as traditional handicraft and way of creation. Such heritage worth study and apply to the design processes and specifically including the heritage of visual culture in Wuxi area ,such as clay figurine in Huishan、pottery making craft of purple sands in Yixing and the paper horse in Wuxi, etc; the heritage of visual culture in Suzhou area, such as TaoHuaWu wood-block paintings, the production techniques of Ming-style furniture, classical gardens of Suzhou and some others; the heritage of visual culture research in Changzhou region, such as Changzhou kame, disordered needlework etc; Heritage of visual culture research in Huzhou, such as craftsmanship of writing brush produced in Huzhou; and Liu grass weaving skill in Donglin and so on.